You Found US!

We're so glad you stopped by!

We are located in the vibrant city of White Plains in Westchester county, a single train stop from New York City.

We're a church. A church is a community and a place where people can find other human beings and grow together.

We learn a way of reflecting about the world, to gather for worship, fellowship, and service, and help each other build meaningful lives.

We build  reflective, resilient, and committed persons through sharing the story and wisdom of Jesus Christ, as witnessed through the traditions that have positively formed millions of people by giving witness to his  loving spirit in our anxious world. 

On Sept 8th we will have a single bilingual service at 10am. 

Please peruse this website to learn more about who we are, check out our calendar for upcoming events, and be sure to drop us a line or visit! 

(Photo of Karin, member since 2007)

A blessed Pentecost to all!

Who Will I meet?

St. Barts attracts a wide variety of individuals who are seeking spiritual substance, through prayer, community, and service all in response to following Jesus Christ. 


A few Things WE've Done

We've been known for sponsoring several immigrant families and were a pioneer for Women's Ordination.

We've had a soup kitchen and a thrift shop for nearly four decades.

We've run a book store.

We've housed the homeless in our church.

We began the first Community Supported Agriculture group in White Plains.

We sponsored the first smart gun show in Westchester. 

We led the Episcopal Church in buying gun shares to hold gun manufacturers accountable.

We formed a babysitting cooperative.

We do "dinner" church to gather people and make it easy for families. 

We formed a softball team with a congregational church with people from the age of 18-80! 

We've been at the forefront of using the breadth of Anglican Worship to pray with other faith traditions.

We started a motorcycle "gang." (Well, really we just blessed them for several years)

We taught people how to engage each other 1-1 as a way of developing a stronger church.

We give scholarships to talented college singers.

We support outside organizations like the Westchester Diaper Bank, Pet Shelters, Rural Migrant Ministries, Planned Parenthood, Meals on Wheels, the Blythdale Children's Hospital, and the Feeding Westchester.
We supported the state mandating of kindergarten.

We led protests against animal cruelty in circuses and educational forums on pit bulls.

We started an after school program that taught Improv Comedy!

We brewed nearly 14 batches of excellent beer, 12 of which were pretty good, including "Resurrection Ale," which we served after Easter!

All of this was done especially when lay people were organized and brought their passions to church. 

We retell the story of Jesus Christ. 

We remind people that in the midst of brokenness, there is also hope.

That our rituals and liturgies and illuminate, amplify, and show what is beautiful and eternal!