For Roman Catholics

We weep with you. 

Since the release of the Philadelphia report about the abuse of children and the cover up, we have also been devastated. 


Episcopalians have also experienced the impact of clericalism, when the hierarchy isn’t held responsible for its actions.


St. Bart’s has always appreciated the work of our Roman Catholic communities in White Plains. As a small congregation, we are glad that they have been able to serve in ways our own small church has been unable to. 

We are here for you. Half of our members live into their catholic heritage without giving up the most important part of it: a relationship with Christ, his mother, and the saints. We have weekly Eucharist and opportunities for a wide variety of devotions.


We hope that the laity in the Roman Catholic Church will find spaces to rebuild a church out of the ruins. We ourselves are seeking to build such a congregation – one where all the people of God can build a community of stability, of conversion, of sending. One that equips people to live good, healthy lives in the world. 


Our congregation lives into its catholic heritage by affirming the sacraments, remembering the saints, and trusting the laity. We err on the side of being practical and honest around issues of sexuality, even when the conversations are uncomfortable. 

Even though we struggle, we also want to build a church that is worthy of Jesus Christ. One that holds together the essential parts of the faith, that has given billions of persons a sure spiritual grounding. 

If you are struggling with your personal faith or with the hierarchy of the church, we are here for you. Help us build a church that testifies to God’s love in the world.