Becoming a Member

The nice thing about churches is that you don't need to become a member in order to enjoy what churches offer.

All services are still open to the public. The physical church is used by dozens of community organizations. And even our parties and events don't have membership requirements most of the time.

You do need to be in the books as an Episcopalian if you want to help us organize and govern the church.

You can become a member, of course, while being as involved as you are currently able. We think depth of involvement is usually more fruitful.

Here is what we ask.

The STeps

  • Attend church a few times to see what it's like. No pressure.
  • Fill out this form
  • Arrange an appointment with the rector for a cup of coffee or a cocktail
  • Come to one of our semi-annual introductory classes
  • Send the rector your baptismal details , if you've been baptized
  • Make a donation for any amount you feel spiritually able to give

If you want to engage the church and its traditions more deeply:

  • Take a baptismal, confirmation, or reception courses frequently offered
  • Join one of the small groups in the church
  • Learn the different spiritual practices of the church.
  • Become received into the Church as an Episcopalian
  • Commit financially to the health and mission of the parish