The central way the church cares for its congregation and the world is through providing liturgies and rituals that offer ways to understand the world. The page offers a basic understanding of what we do.

  • Baptism

    The church invites anyone who seeks to discover Christ to be baptized. Join us for worship for a few weeks before the special celebration. Let the office know so that we can arrange a time for you to meet with the Rector. 

    As a custom, we especially baptize the Second Sunday in January (the Baptism of our Lord), at the Easter Vigil (the night before Easter), the Feast of Pentecost (usually in late May or Early June), and the Sunday of All Saint's (The first weekend in November). We are willing to accommodate other dates well in advance. 

    If you are sure you'd like to celebrate a baptism here, fill out this form

    While Christian Discipleship assumes a life long commitment to supporting Christian communities financially, there are no fees. We presume that families seeking baptism will make an effort to participate in the Christian community for several weeks preceding the baptism, and after as well. 

  • Eucharist

    The church gathers together weekly to remember the story of Jesus Christ and his atoning grace. It is our central time to worship and meet. The Eucharist comes in two parts; we gather for reflection and teaching, as it has meaning for us today; and the second to remember Christ as we gather as the first disciples did.   The service lasts about an hour.

    It is our practice that anyone who is a good faith member of tradition that baptizes in the name of the Trinity is welcome to participate by receiving the elements (receiving the bread and wine as the Body and Blood of Christ), in the second part of the celebration.

  • Confirmation, Reception, and Reaffirmation

    If you have been baptized and want to either deepen your faith or be a part of a Anglican communion, please be in touch with us.

    Being confirmed is not a requirement for participating in the life of the church.  However, reception into the Episcopal / Anglican tradition is required for anyone who wants to govern the church.

  • Holy Matrimony

    St. Barts is a wonderful place to celebrate your wedding. Please email us if you'd like to learn more. 

    Betrothed couples ideally consult with the priest before they select the date of the wedding. In some cases, we allow members of familial traditions (Catholic, Orthodox, Coptic, Lutheran, Methodist) to celebrate weddings here.

    We cheerfully celebrate weddings and anniversaries during the mass, and offer our church for tithing members (10% of one's income) for no cost. The base cost for the all the services of the clergy, organist, and the church begin at $1000 for non-members.

    We suggest that offering a tithe of the entire cost to the wedding for the mission of the church helps put the costs of any celebration in perspective.

  • Reconciliation and Confession

    If you are suffering from anxiety, a personal burden, shame or guilt, sometimes sharing your story confidentially is what you need. We also provide anointing for those who are ill. 

    Sometimes a friendly priest is exactly who you need to talk to. We can arrange an appointment, or on selected days during Lent, the priest has office hours.

  • Healing

    The Priest offers an anointing to those who are ill or seeking spiritual healing.