Building Protocols during the Pandemic

Because we share a space, we are glad when people agree to be a little uncomfortable to protect the concerns of others. Wearing a mask and a face guard illustrates our mutual caring. Here is how we are protecting all who enter.

 We require:

               All people wear masks or face guards. Masks reduce viral transmission. 

               People will sign in upon entering the building for contact tracing

               Occupancy limited to 25%

               Individuals will stay six feet apart

               All non-essential meetings will be held virtually

               We suggest signing up with an app that traces the infected.

               Stay Home if you have these symptoms: fever over 100, cough, loss of smell or taste, abdominal pain. 

               We require everyone to wash hands, cover coughs with a mask, and get tested.

               The church will purchase a regular supply of hand sanitizers, disposable Masks, plastic sneeze guards

               The church is currently disinfecting the space regularly.