Worship @ St. Bart's

In worship we are spending time reflecting, meditating, thinking, focusing, praying. We use this time to gather, give thanks, and praise. The habits of connecting, offering gratitude, and celebrating are central to creating a healthy spirit and building a just community. Try any of these services out!

  • sunday worship at 9:30

    This is a more informal liturgy with music. Like other services, we begin with reflection, readings and a sermon, and continue with sharing our ritual meal (the Eucharist, or Holy Communion). We have (wonderful!) music.

  • Service En EspaÑol, domingo 11:00am

    Únase a nosotros para un servicio realizado en español, incluida la Sagrada Comunión.

  • interfaith zen meditation

    White Plains Zen meets weekly on Tuesday nights from 7:30-9:30 pm in the Nave at St. Bart's. **If you are new to Zen, please arrive at 6:45 for a brief introduction. For more information call 914-403-3623

  • sundays on thursdays, Summer

    Also called "Mass on the Grass," this provides a middle of the week opportunity to worship in a relaxed and casual environment. We begin at 6:30pm with readings, discussion, and sharing of communion, and follow with a pot luck community meal. Anyone may bring food for the grill if they like, but visitors are welcome to just bring themselves.

  • Sunday Worship 8:00 a.m. (suspended)

    Worshipers sit in the choir stalls, near the High Altar. This is a spoken service with language that still includes "thees" and "thous" and sentences like "it is meet and right." The service is quiet and contemplative, with emphasis upon the poetry of the spoken word.

    The sermon is slightly shorter, and the service never lasts more than 50 minutes, and sometimes is about a half hour. A breakfast is usually served afterward In Garmey Hall. (September-Mid June). 

  • sunday worship 10:00 a.m.*service continuing at 9:30 during our search for a new rector

    This is a sung liturgy, the principal service of the day. From September through Late May our choir offers a rich and varied repertoire of music that reflects the diversity of our congregation and faith community. A rousing sermon that applies the historic faith to our contemporary challenges is preached. Children are always welcomed at mass, but  we also have professional child care available. Sunday School offered first Sunday of the month during the school year.

  • daily office, morning and evening prayer (suspended)

    For those interested in seeking the deeper rhythm of the church, we offer Morning Prayer at 8am on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.  The service is about twenty minutes, and includes the reciting of psalms, readings, silence, singing, and breathing. Please let the rector know if you plan to join us. *These are currently suspended

  • Feast Days!

    In the rhythm of the church, we often gather a few times during the year to remember major holy days and have a dinner. Traditionally we combine these feast days with some education and a dinner. Some feast days we have celebrated include:

    The Epiphany, January 6th
    The Presentation, February 2nd

    The Annunciation, March 25h,

    Ascension (usually sometime in May)

    The Visitation, May 31

    The Transfiguration, August 6

    The Feast day of St. Bartholomew's, August 24

    St. Francis Day, October 3
    All Saint's Day, Nov 1

    St. Andrews Day, Nov 30

    St. Nicholas Day, Dec 6th

    We sometimes transfer these days to other, more convenient dates. A great time to reflect and connect with others.

    (Image of St. Nick, one of our favorite saints!

  • Holy Week

    This is the most important week of the Christian Year, a time when we retell the story through liturgy, prayer, reverence, and story.

    We begin with the Sunday of the Passion and it continues with a feast day that remembers Jesus' last supper, his crucifixion, his descent to the dead, and his resurrection. In 2018, Holy week begins on March 25th and ends with Easter, April 1.

  • Pastoral Care

    The clergy and congregation offer pastoral care especially to those who are seeking the warm presence of people who would be companions when our earthly journey becomes difficult. This sort of work does not replace, although it may enhance, therapy or medicine.

  • House Blessings

    The priest can come over and offer a blessing in your house, especially during the month of January.

  • Special Occasions

    St. Barts often has special blessings during the year: of pets, motorcycles, backpacks, and other anniversaries. We will also have spontaneous responses to events in our community. Check out the calendar for some of the special occasions or sign up for notifications by emailing the parish.