Friends, Partners, and Affiliations

  • The Diocese of New York

    The Diocese is our franchise headquarters. Through them, we support other churches and their ministries. They teach the special handshake.

  • The Cathedral of St. John the Divine

    The Cathedral is where our bishop sits, and is the mother church for all the Episcopalians in the Diocese of New York.

  • The Episcopal Church

    The Episcopal church is the network of 110 dioceses that organize in the United States, the Caribbean and Central America. Since 1789, we have been organized as the Protestant Episcopal Church or the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society.

  • the Anglican Communion

    The Anglican Communion consists of the millions of people in nearly 70 nations where our communities are present. We share stories, relationships, and resources.

  • The ARchbishop of Canterbury

    The Archbishop of Canterbury is the symbolic head of our communion. He invites bishops to parties once every ten years.

  • Westchester United

    Westchester United is the primary vehicle we organize to engage their communities.  Through building relationships. training leaders, and collaborating with public officials and other movers and shakers, we seek to remind our public officials who they serve in a way that is productive. We stand up to bullies and solve social problems before us.

  • White Plains Religious Leaders

    An ecumenical body religious leaders who collaborate and respond to the needs of our city.  We've been active for several decades and include many different faith traditions.

  • General Convention

    The national church has rules. The General Convention is the rule making body, our congress, our magisterium. It meets every three years, and includes representatives from every diocese who are each bishops, priests, and lay persons. We will meet in Baltimore, MD in 2021.