Children's Ministries @ ST. Barts

St. Barts welcomes families. Westchester challenges all families to provide a steady spirituality for children.

We reach families wherever they are.
We offer regular babysitting. 

We also encourage children to participate.

  • Worship

    We believe the most important place for children is in worship. We invite kids to participate on the altar to make our celebration of the Eucharist a powerful experience.

  • Celebrating Communion

    In place of "First Communion" we offer classes during Lent for children who would like to learn more about the holy Eucharist. Traditionally we have a first communion Sunday the Sunday after Easter.

  • Childcare

    We offer childcare at the 10am service, and at all our major events.

  • Children's Choir

    Twice a year we offer short term choral opportunities for children who'd like to try their hand out singing. These childrens choirs perform usually for the Children's service on Christmas Eve, and at an Easter Service.

  • "Waffle" Church

    Beginning in Fall 2017, look for information on a new opportunity for children - "Waffle" church! It will be held on a Saturdays, 4-5 times a year. Perfect for busy Westchester families!