St. Barts finds ways to remember the neediest and contribute to our community.

As Episcopalians in White Plains, we begin locally and then branch out, supporting Episcopal Charities and Episcopal Relief and Development during international crises.

Below is a small sample of ministries.

We often donate a portion of our cash plate to local not-for-profits, including the White Plains Library, Meals on Wheels, Planned Parenthood, and some international aid agencies. Individuals who are doing their own personal charities can also ask for support, with permission of the rector.

  • Soup kitchen

    EVERY SUNDAY between 10am-1pm, we feed 30-50 individuals down on their luck in our soup kitchen. Meals are prepared and provided by various local groups, including the Girl Scouts, synagogues, and ecumenical volunteers. We operate on holidays and in inclement weather. We especially need help during the summer, and are always looking for individuals who are called to keep a kitchen clean. 

    **We continue to operate during the Covid-19 crisis. Meals are take-away and distributed outside every Sunday.  Please observe all social distancing guidelines

    The soup kitchen also collects winter coats for distribution every year, as well as providing gift bags at Christmas. We help supply our guests with everything from shaving cream and toothpaste, to new socks and sweatshirts. If you'd like more information or to donate time or goods, please email us.  

  • Thrift Shop

    **The thrift shop is currently closed**

    St. Barts runs one of the best Thrift Stores in Westchester counties, with plenty of new, inexpensive, used clothes and goods. We're open thurdays 1-5 and Saturdays 10-12. Call for more information at 914-949-5611. While selective, we also take good donations.

    Used encyclopedias and National Geographics, underwear, and incomplete toys should be recycled elsewhere.

  • Receiving Donations

    We accept donations of food, both for humans and pets, and diapers. We also support the Post Road School through buying backpacks and other goods for students in need.

    Sometimes goods are inconvenient and a monetary donation is more helpful. However, St. Bartholomew's is a 501 (c) 3 organization that can accept matching grants and dollars.

  • Community supported Agriculture

    Since 2005, St. Barts has coordinated a CSA program here, where families invest in a farm that delivers fresh organic produce. We now get fruit, mushrooms, coffee and honey as well. Pickup is scheduled Wednesday afternoons, and is managed cooperatively by all the families.

    Stoneledge Farm is our purveyor, and they begin accepting shares every December.

    We hope to have a farm-to-table dinner in the near future. Contact us if you are interested

  • The St. Bart's Cafe

    Once a month we have an evening coffee shop for individuals who want to share their talents. Storytelling, singing, all sorts of excellent amateur performances. Join us for some coffee, snacks and great entertainment! If you'd like us to perform, find us at