Staff and Leadership

Churches form leaders and reliable followers everyday. 

It's one way we contribute to building the kingdom in the world.

We call the ordained priest responsible for worship and the building a "rector." 

The term comes from a word meaning "guide" or "governor," or "ruler." 

He facilitates worship, builds a vision, and teaches the faith.

The presidents, called "wardens," implement the vision, oversee the physical plant, and ensure the financial health of the church.

It's not meant to imply church is like jail.

The board of directors, called the "Vestry," is an elected body who serves as the board of directors. 

They implement the vision of the parish, with God's help.

  • Bruce Betts,  Warden

    Bruce is a volunteer who helps the rector coordinate many of the important activities that happen. After serving as warden for nearly six years, Bruce now ensures that the building is managed and creates our bulletin. Raised Episcopalian, he grew up in Wisconsin, studied Music in NY, and worked in the medical field. Bruce loves the church, church music, and cheerfully challenges the rector.

  • Mark Douglas, Warden

    I'm a lifelong resident of the Greenburgh/White Plains area. My passions are my family, my beautiful wife Jennifer of 35 years and my lovely daughter Leigh, as well as a love for all things Music. I came to Saint Barts after meeting Fr. Gawain, at a couple of meetups. 

    Saint Bart's is a warm and welcoming place. The progressive, open

    atmosphere, along with it's traditions is what keeps me coming back. The diversity of people, ideas and ministries shows that when people come together anything is possible. I brought the Acoustic Café to Saint Bart's as a way of giving back to the mission of this wonderful church. I am happy to serve on the vestry.

  • Gustavo Acosta, Vestry

    I was born and raised at Colombia, introduced to Episcopal church since 2000 and active from 2007. I believe in serving, teamwork, learning, and improving. I have two grown up kids Jessica, (21) and Cristian(22), my true loves. I live in the neighborhood. I’m a painter and handyman, and park cars in a restaurant in Pocantico Hills (fun!). I enjoy spending time with my brothers and sisters at church. I’m a member of committee and a facilitator of "Academia Ecuménica de Liderazgo" to learn and raise leaders among our Hispanic people. It’s supported by the diocese of New York. I took part on the Episcopal Cursillo 104, and now proudly member of the teamwork of the 106. I love to work and serve, listen to salsa, see children smile - there is a Jesus smiling at you. Blessings.

    Nací y crecí en Colombia. Llegué a la Iglesia Episcopal en el año 2000 y participando de manera activa desde el 2007.   Tratando de ayudar a tod@s y hacer un equipo de trabajo,pues cada persona tiene oportunidades para aprender y poder avanzar sin miedo. Tengo 2 hijos,mis verdaderos amores:Jessica(21) ,Cristian(22). Vivo en el vecindario. Trabajo en pintura a nivel comercial/residencial, algunasreparaciones, también;a demás un trabajo de medio tiempo ,estacionando automóviles ,los sábados por la noche,,,disfruto mucho este trabajo. Asisto a la Iglesia ,compartiendo buenos momentos con todos los parroquianos.      Pertenezco al comité, además de ser facilitador de "Academia ecuménica de Liderazgo",que es un programa donde aprendemos y levantamos líderes dentro de nuestra comunidad latina,,,es apoyado por la Diócesis de NY. Asistí al Cursillo Episcopal 104 ,ahora ,soy parte del equipo de trabajo del próximo cursillo 106. Me gusta trabajar, servir; me gusta escuchar música en especial, salsa, y disfruto las sonrisas de los niños. Ahí encuentro a Jesus, sonriendo. Bendiciones

  • Kimberley Ware, Vestry

    I'm a self employed computer tech and trainer, who has a penchant for getting involved. I worked several years in the retail and restaurant industries, as well as a few years as an active realtor. I'm currently a Girl Scout Troop leader, the Bylaws chairperson for my school district's PTSA, a class parent, and I teach two evening classes a month at our local Board of Realtors. In my spare time I love to cook. Keeping busy has never been a problem for me. When Father Gawain approached me with regard to serving on the Vestry, I took it as an opportunity to give back to this welcoming church that has become the spiritual home to my husband, my daughters, and me.

  • Matthew Moore

    I started my career in banking in 2001 and am now a Director in Risk Management at Deutsche Bank. I have held many positions throughout my career such as COO, accounting, financial reporting, trading operations and operational risk management. During my career I started a program to promote volunteerism and through that program I ran multiple large community improvement events with NJ CARES and NY CARES, increased donations year over year by 40% and doubled volunteering attendance. I am also a proud father of a 7yr old girl and husband that has been married for 16yrs. My daughter was baptized at the Trinity Episcopal Church where we used to attend church when we lived in NYC. We have been living in White Plains since 2015 and love our new home and church. When my daughter was in preschool she attended the Early Childhood Center at Memorial United Methodist Church where I also was on the board as treasurer and president. During my time there I cleaned uo their bookkeeping and created a more efficient use of their prudent reserve account by investing in a conservative managed fund. I hope to help the church grow and thrive and also help our community prosper. I look forward to working with the vestry to improve the way the church can serve the community.

  • Luis enrique Hernandez, Postulant

    Cuban born and raised I moved during my 20’s to the Dominican Republic and I’ve been living for the last couple years in the US. I believe that the Anglican/Episcopal approach to the Christian faith as a bridge between the catholic and reformed worlds, its “people first” emphasis, its ways of evangelizing through social justice, beauty and radical welcome have a great message for this divided world we are living in.

    A member of the Order of Saint Francis, I strive following Jesus in Franciscan minority. I work, as best as I'm able, to answer the call of Jesus in the marginalized, the forgotten and the voiceless; promoting universal fraternity, justice, peace and harmony with the entire creation.

    Here at St. Bart’s I help with our Pastoral Care (how the church serves its more vulnerable members); the Soup Kitchen; and along with Fr Gawain, I am focused in growing and strengthening our vibrant Latino community.

    An aviation enthusiast I’ll usually will be up to date on aviation news and history. Needless to say, I love to fly and would always try to be early at the airport to spot uncommon airplanes or special liveries on airlines. Ask me about it!