Thousands of individuals have entered these doors. They came for a deeper engagement with the transcendent; a place to learn the story of Jesus Christ; a place for friendship.

We've connected families and communities. Young boys and girls learned leadership skills. We organized mission trips, bridge games, rummage sales, and raised money for countless organizations. Homeless people had a place to stay, and the hungry had a place to eat.

Members of the community would throw baby showers and fiftieth wedding anniversary celebrations. We would gather for mutual encouragement and learning. Zumba, Yoga, and Boot Camp classes for all ages. Sometimes we put on plays. People have gathered at St. Barts and created memories.

The church is one of the only institutions that exists for people outside its own membership. We are a place where any person in the community can gather without being overcharged for a buck, or worried about where their status is, or if they have permission. We're not just a club, an association of interests, or a business. As the church, we're a bit of everything. We're a hub of networks that exists to be a safe space for any person who walks in these doors. And with the help of our community and generous members, we ensure we will be able to leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

To maintain our building responsibly costs nearly $200,000 a year - $600 a day.  It seems like a lot, but actually, it's fairly minimal. To rebuild and staff it well requires the generosity of committed people like you.

Thank you for considering making a donation.